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Tuesday 28 Mar 2017


Written by Super User on 22 April 2016. Posted in Sample Data-Articles



Conveying systems are fast becoming an essential item of equipment for busy drycleaners. As well as offering increased storage capacity, solving a problem that many drycleaners face, they add a look of professionalism and enhance security as well as offering a level of automation that allows clients to have orders delivered to the point of sale att he touch of a button.

Renzacci UK Plc can also integrate its conveyor systems with EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) systems such as the Drystream Touch system to allow your EPOS System to control the conveyor and provide that additional efficiency and style a moden drycleaning shop requires.

Renzacci UK Plc is the largest supplier of conveying systems for drycleaners in the UK , and has an unrivalled reputation for incorporating clever designs whilst minimising the capital expenditure of the client.


Garment conveying


CS Garment conveying systems are totally flexible in their design and offer an almost unlimited number of shapes, combinations and