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Tuesday 28 Mar 2017


Written by Super User on 22 April 2016. Posted in Sample Data-Articles



Finishing is crucial. It does not matter whether you have cleaned the garment of item of textile better than anyone else could do it, if it is presented back to the client
creased and wrinkled then all your efforts are to no avail.

Renzacci UK Plc is the sole UK distributor of PONY SpA finishing machinery. For over 30 years now, we have represented their high class machinery and Pony is now generally accepted as the world's market leader.

Quality, relaibility and ease of use all make a good item of finishing machinery, and Pony has taken this to new levels - you simply cannot buy better.

Have a look through the links above to see how we can make you No.1, and of course,


FVC and TA Master

Automatic Presses
Manual Presses