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Tuesday 28 Mar 2017


Written by Super User on 22 April 2016. Posted in Sample Data-Articles



Good spotting is the sign of a quality drycleaner. Pony allows a professional drycleaner to have all the spotting equipment necessary to allow the drycleaner to put his skills into operation without worrying about not having the tools to perform this most vital task. 

Pony also manufactures Spotting Cabinets which allow pre and post spotting with vacuum extraction units at the top of the machine allowing the removal of the vapours emitted during the spotting process.


Spotting tables

All ll Pony Spotting tables can be customised using a large number of options available, and all models are supplies with a built in vacuum unit as standard. 

Standard stock items include a steam and air gun running off 24v controls, and two cold spotting guns with tanks allowing pin point spotting. A powerful built in vacuum is also supplied, along with stainless steel work surfaces and garment tray. An added bonus is the supply of a small spotting table arm with vacuum, built onto the main spotting board - as standard.




Spotting cabinets

Spotting Cabinets, whilst taking up slightly more space than a spotting table offer drycleaners the chance to spot in an enclosed environment and increasingly are becoming the tool of choice for the professional drycleaner.

The Pony Spotmaster is available as both a pre and post spotting unit, and can come with an extraction hood with active carbon filter and splahback panel which is easily cleaned.