Cold Room

Cold Room (2)

Cold Room

Coldroom, thickness 80 mm, h=2010 mm, 1200x1200 mm

80 mm panel thickness. 42 kg/m3 density polyurethane insulation. Modular panels - easily assembled and separated. 3 panels sizes, 300/600/900 and corner section 15*45 / 45*45 / 45*60 / 15*60. Height 2010; maximum capacity in present floor. Two-side locking system, female-male, perfect combination, installation without any bolt or silicone. Rounded corners and special stainless steel for the floor. Door with gasket and heater easily. Cooling section unit can be positioned anywhere. +43 °C ambient working temperatures.


coldroom, thickness 100 mm

Insulation: Instaclack Panel made by two layers of steel sheets and inside Polyurethanne foam injected at high pressure. Average Density: 42-44 kg/m 3 Conductivity Coefficient in all points: Group A following UNE 41950 Floor 100mm on all ranges. Thickness: 100 mm. Finishing: White Lacquered Steel for roof and walls. Foodstuff Safe. Reinforced Anti-sliding Floor, suitable for static loads until 8.000 kg/m2 evenly distributed and 400 Kg of dynamic load, on 4 wheels (hand barrows). Door: One pivoting door of net measures 1850 x 800 (hxw) mm, with antipanic opening device from the inside.All models are with electric resistor on the door frame and decompressing valve.


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