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Velocity Series fryer
Henny Penny’s newest pressure fryer helps operators do more with less —8-head capacity with less oil per vat, while saving time and labor thanks to automatic built-in oil filtration and top-off
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Standard pressure fryers
The 500 and 600 standard pressure fryers offer 4-head cooking in a narrow width of less than 20″, while the 561 features a deeper fry pot for additional capacity — up to 6 head of chicken per load
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High volume open fryers
The OFE 291 and OFG 391 high-volume fryers are best suited for preparing large batches of bone-in chicken, and feature a racking system for easier product handling.
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340 Series fryers
340 Series fryers feature a wider frying surface area and are best suited for preparing large batches of bone-in chicken and other floating items.
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Evolution Elite
Evolution Elite fryers provide optimal results on freezer-to-fryer starches or proteins.
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F5 fryers
The F5 is designed to deliver the most remarkable frying experience on the market — fast at filtering, consistent in quality production and intuitive for all users.
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Henny Penny OFE 291/OFG 391
It doesn’t get much more popular than crispy or extra crispy fried chicken. And that’s what the Henny Penny OFE 291/OFG 391 is all about. It’s the only open fryer on the market with the capacity to cook up to 21 lb (9.5 kg) of food in a single load
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Flat top Grills – Electric
CONSTRUCTION Heavy duty 10mm cooking plate for high heat retention Grease trough drains into bottom mounted grease collection pan Splashback prevents undue grease spattering
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Flat top Grills – Gas
FEATURES New improved More powerful Front mounted easy access drip tray Anvil gas griddles are ideal for grilling steaks, chops, burgers, mixed grill, fish, pancakes, eggs, sausages, tomatoes etc. Gas griddles are also ideal for use outdoors, and in areas where electricity is unavailable
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Boiling Tables
APPLICATION The Anvil heavy duty series boiling tables are ideal for kitchens, fast food outlets and restaurants. The robust construction ensures reliability even in the toughest environment.
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Toaster Flat Plate
FEATURES Non stick surface. Makes cleaning a pleasure Adjustable top plate for a variety of food thicknesses Drip cup to catch excess fat Heat resistant handle Robust construction
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Conveyor Toasters
This compact unit is ideal for breakfast buffets in hotels and restaurants Variable conveyor speed with toast and bun heat settings Individua
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Sauce Warmer
FEATURES For ice cream dips, chocolate and caramel sauces and even gravies Includes 2 inserts (2 x 2Lt) Dry heat Variable heat control
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Gas Stoves With Electric Oven
FEATURES Robust Stainless Steel construction with heavy duty door and hinges Easily removable cast iron grates Powerful stove top burners are easily removable for cleaning Removable drip tray beneath stove top to retain spills
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Tilting Pan
FEATURES Ideal for use in restaurants, canteens, institutions, etc. Smooth and robust tilting function Ideal for stews, and many forms of bulk food preparation
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